Marin Soccer League

Teams Section

Division A
Manager Team Contact
  Tighe O'Sullivan   Club Marin A Email
  Qassim Nana   Club Marin A Email
  Eric Vacca   Club Marin Athletics Email
  Eric Vacca   Club Marin Athletics Email
  Ivan Hernandez   Club Marin Bhoys Email
  Joey Garcia   Club Marin Bhoys Email
  Tobey Van Santvoord   East Tottentam Email
  Tom Floyd   East Tottentam Email
  Michael Pharis   Marin Cosmos Email
  conchur o'keefe   Pikers Email
  Andrew Stewart   Pikers Email
  Petch Chanumporn   Sporting MV Email
  magnus larsson   West Tam United Email
  Andy Thompson   West Tam United Email
  Allen Kohlhepp   West Tam United Email
Division B
None available at this time.
Division Over 40
  Dan Muntean   Azzurri Email
  Lester Robbins   Bay United Email
  Jim Ritchie   Bay United Email
  Simon Pang   Club Marin Rangers Email
  Simon Pang   Club Marin Rangers Email
  ramiro alvitez   Goal Diggers Email
  Todd Yeck   Goal Diggers Email
  Wes Lagrone   Hearts of Mid Oakland Email
  John Zeiter   Inter Marin Email
  rob neville   Inter Marin Email
  Tarik Boukhari   International FC Email
  Reza Dowlatshahi   Pars Email
  Hamid Shamsapour   Pars Email
  Michael Sorel   Real Marin FC Email
  Brad Bates   Real Marin FC Email
  Thomas Jung   Real Marin FC Email
  Bredo Oestlien   Real Marin Spurs Email
  Keith Daly   Real Marin Spurs Email
  mel anthony matarrita   San Francisco FC Email
  Manolo Fernandez   San Francisco FC Email
  jon pey   Tamalpais FC Email
  Jonathan Star   Tamalpais FC Email
  Jeffrey Szilagyi   The County FC Email
Mayflower Division
  kourosh shahrouzi   Boca FC Email
  yousef bidaki   Boca FC Email
  Manolo Fernandez   Club Marin Inter Email
  carlos castro   Club Marin Inter Email
  Mynor Aragon   Internationals Email
  David Diamond   RAP Email
  Dave Presher   Real Marin Blues Email

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