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 No new underage players for O40 and O50 divisions
  Players in the over 40 and 50 divisions must be 40/50 years old within the year of competition, with the exception that players that were registered with a team prior to March 2014 and turn 38/39 and 48/49 respectively in 2014 will be “grandfathered” going forward and thereby treated as if they met the age requirements of the division.

 Summer 2014 Field Permits
  Here are links to the Summer 2014 field Permits:

Saturday Tam High School and Redwood High School permit
Sunday Tam High School permit

 Guide for Managers Using New US Club Web Site
  Here is a link that contains instructions for team managers on how to perform some common functions on the new US Club website, for example, adding a player to a roster and requesting player cards. Managers should receive user logins from Frank to access this site.

Manager's Guide

 Minutes of league meeting March 24, 2014
  President, Karl Buder, presided and the following were points of discussion:

· The Board accepted the resignation of Director, Kurt Newmann and accepted the nomination and appointment of Magnus Larsson, West Tam United, as a new board member.

· The over 40 and 50 Divisions have finished their Winter/Spring 2013/2014 season with the champions, Real Marin Spurs and Real Marin S.C. It is anticipated that all divisions would start the new season on April 12/13.

· The open division is continuing to seek new teams, with currently 6 teams entered. The season will consist of a 15 game schedule, taking it through about the end of August. If desired the league will consider a playoff round thereafter.

· The age rule was defined as follows:

Players in the over 40 and 50 divisions must be 40/50 years old within the year of competition. Exceptions are for one year, players that are currently registered with their teams and born in 1975 or 1965 are allowed. No new underage players may be added to the respective teams.

· All players in the league will be registered with U.S. Club.

· All teams are encouraged to pay their league dues via Pay Pal to simply the process.

· Director MacDonald indicated that he is in the process of providing all information to our outside Tax preparer and which will be his final task as the league Treasurer and will then turn the financial management of the league over to Karl Buder, who will have the dual role of President/Treasurer.

· Ben Polk has taken over the webmaster duties from Mohsen.

The meeting was adjourned.


 Rules and Paypal for team fees
League Rules

League Rules
Pay League Fees with PayPal

Pay League Fees with PayPal


 Weather Conditions
  Information regarding fields and weather conditions:

Grass Fields

The rain out number for all grass fields is 415-446-4423.

Artificial Turf Fields

Tam HS, Drake HS, Redwood HS, and Piper Hall are all weather fields and games will be played rain or shine.

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