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Disciplinary Rules

Disciplinary Rulings

Ruling 8-23-21

Outsiders vs. Defiance

  • Gonzalo Rosales (Outsiders) - 1 game suspension
  • Outsiders - written warning for behavior causing a game being called early

Ruling 7-23-21

North Tam vs. Bay United on 7-17-21

  • Jim Ritchie - 1 game suspension to be served on August 29)
  • Donald Nicholson - 3 game suspension (can return on  August 14)
  • Bay United 40 manager - warning for failure to present a roster
  • Bay United 40 and North Tam teams - warning for failure to control resulting in calling game early.

Disciplinary Committee

Darren Presher,  Chairman
Simon Pang, Member
Steve Larkin, Member
Alex Kline, Member
Salvador Iraheta, Member

Appeals Committee

Chris Hutchinson, Chairman
Andrew Thompson, Premier Division Director
Michael Peters, Over-40 Division Director
Keith Daly, Over-50 Division Director
Nairn Albert, Over-58 Division Director



1.  The Disciplinary Committee will consist of:

Disciplinary Chairman - Nominated by the President and approved by the board. The term is 3 years and may be renewed with mutual agreement. A referee or a non-playing league member is preferred so as to avoid the appearance of favoring one team or club. A board member is not eligible.

A team representative from each division in the league. The position will rotate every year, mandatory. The division director will be required to provide a candidate. A division director and or board members are not eligible to serve on the committee.

A referee representative. The referee assignor will provide a candidate.

This makes a total of 6 committee members.  In case of a tie, the vote of the Disciplinary Chairman will prevail.  Committee members will be published on the website.

2. The Process

The referee assignor will submit all referee reports with any player infringement (red cards) to the Disciplinary Chairman and the following process is commenced:

a. The Chair will send the referees report immediately to all disciplinary committee members and any teams involved in the decision.

b. The teams have 72 hours from completion of the game to submit additional information from managers or players to the division director, if such information is to be included in the review.

c. The chairman collates all information and makes available to the disciplinary committee members and enlists their response.

d. After review, a vote is taken to determine actions.  A simple majority rules.

e. The final decision of the committee (to be provided prior to the next scheduled game), including documents are then shared with the managers of the teams involved, the Board, the referee assignor and website administrator.   

f. Team mangers are responsible to communicate suspensions to their players.

g. Division Directors are required to share the decision including documents with ALL team managers.

h. To streamline the communication process, a location on the website for Disciplinary Committee will be assigned and all committee decisions will be published by the web administrator. 


1. The Appeals Committee will consist of:

Chairman-Senior Referee. This is currently Chris Hutchinson

Division Directors. The league consists of 4 divisions - Premier, O40, O50 & O58.

This makes a total of 5 members. Committee members will be published on the website.

2. The Process

If a team or player wishes to appeal a suspension, they must notify the Division Director and League President of their desire to do so and send a non-refundable check to the League for $50, made payable to the Marin Soccer League.

  1. The division director will send all documentation to the committee members.

  2. The appeals committee will review the protest first to make sure due process, transparency and communication were diligently followed.

  3. The committee will receive all the original information and any additional documents the protesting party may wish to add.

  4. Within 72 hours the Appeals Committee will render a decision. Their decision is independent and they can overrule the lower disciplinary committee's decision.

  5. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

  6. The decision is shared with the managers of the teams involved, the Board and the Head of the Referees. It is not required, but it is expected to contain an explanation.

  7. Division directors are required to share the decision with ALL team managers.

  8.  A location on the website for Disciplinary Committee will be assigned and all Appeals committee decisions will be published.